How does International Call work?

Through the International Call funding initiative, ITVS International works to:
  1. Seek out international projects. We work closely with international media markets, film festivals and producer organizations to find and attract the most compelling television project proposals from around the world.
  2. Select the best projects created by international independent producers. International Call incorporates a peer-review process involving distinguished industry professionals (filmmakers, commissioning editors, broadcasters, etc.) from around the world.
  3. Fund and manage projects to completion. Through International Call, we provide production funds in exchange for a license for domestic broadcast; strategic commissioning commitments vary. ITVS International works with producers to ensure that all programs meet broadcast and editorial standards.
  4. Find U.S. television distribution outlets. Working with the producer, public television and other outlets, we negotiate U.S. distribution through public or cable television.
  5. Maximize impact. Through publicity and community outreach campaigns, we help programs find and impact audiences.

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